Winter patio furniture covers with snow on top

As the leaves change colors and the chill of winter approaches, it's a clear sign that winter is around the corner. While many of us prepare our homes for the cold season, it's equally important to get our outdoor spaces ready for frost and snow. If your backyard isn't properly protected, it can be damaged by the harsh winter elements. From protecting your patio furniture from snow to preventing frozen faucets, we've created a comprehensive checklist for winterizing your backyard.

Download the infographic below for a quick overview and continue reading below for a more detailed look at winter preparation essentials.

An infographic depicting a checklist of items you need to complete to prepare your backyard for winter weather

Winter Patio Furniture Protection:

Winter can be tough on your patio furniture. Snow, ice, and moisture can damage wood, rust metal, and fade or weaken fabrics. To protect your investment and extend the life of your outdoor furniture, invest in durable, weather-resistant patio furniture covers. A high-quality cover will keep snow, rain, debris, and more at bay so your furniture is clean and ready to enjoy come spring.

How to Use Patio Furniture Covers:

  • Ensure your furniture is clean and dry before covering.
  • Choose covers made of durable, weather-resistant materials.
  • Ensure the cover has adequate ventilation to prevent mold and mildew growth.
  • Secure the covers tightly to prevent wind from lifting them.

Patio Furniture Cover Benefits:

  • Protects against rust and deterioration.
  • Keeps the furniture clean year-round.
  • Extends the life of patio furniture.
  • Prevents mold and mildew growth on fabric.
  • Saves time on spring cleaning.

How to Protect Your AC During the Winter:

Your air conditioning unit is an often-overlooked aspect of one's home that needs protection during the winter months. AC covers are designed to keep your unit protected from ice, snow, and debris. By using a cover, you can extend the life of your AC and aid in preventing the need for costly repairs.

How to Use Air Conditioner Covers:

  • Turn off the AC unit.
  • Clean the AC unit and ensure it's dry.
  • Place a water-resistant cover over your AC.
  • Adjust the touch fastener closure to accommodate pipes.
  • Ensure the cover is secure to avoid it blowing off.

AC Cover Benefits:

  • Keeps snow, dirt, twigs, acorns, and other debris out.
  • Prevents water from freezing inside coils and causing damage.
  • Save time and money on cleaning and repairs.

How to Store Patio Cushions for Winter:

Cushions can be vulnerable to winter's constant moisture and cold conditions. If left unprotected, you can expect to find your cushions stained due to mold and mildew and needing a deep cleaning. Storing them in weather-resistant cushion storage bags is an excellent way to keep them clean, dry, and ready to enjoy this spring.

How to Use Patio Cushion Storage Bags:

  • Ensure they are clean and dry. Check out our in-depth cushion cleaning guide for more details.
  • Place all of your cushions in the weatherproof storage bag.
  • Zip the bag completely to avoid dust or moisture entering the bag.
  • Store cushions in a cool, dry place for maximum protection.

Outdoor Cushion Storage Bag Benefits:

  • Protects cushions from moisture and dirt.
  • Makes moving cushions easier.
  • Saves time and money on cleaning and replacements.

How to Prevent Outdoor Faucets from Freezing:

The fourth item on our winterizing checklist is faucet covers. These small yet essential tools can help prevent your outdoor faucets from freezing and potentially bursting during the winter months. Faucet covers are designed to insulate and protect your spigot, ensuring they are functional. Simply slide one over each outdoor faucet to shield it from the cold. Check out our in-depth guide to outdoor faucet protection to learn more.

How to Use Winter Faucet Covers:

  • Drain the faucet completely.
  • Place the faucet cover to insulate and protect against freezing temperatures.
  • Fully cinch the cover to ensure a secure fit.

Faucet Cover Benefits:

  • Prevents freezing and bursting of outdoor faucets.
  • Simple to use.
  • Easy to store, unlike other bulky options.

How to Winterize Your Outdoor Fountain:

If you have a beautiful outdoor fountain, it's important to protect it from winter's icy grasp. Outdoor fountain covers are designed to keep your fountain free from debris, ice, and snow. Not properly preparing your fountain for the winter may result in cracks, water line damage, and more.

How to Use Fountain Covers:

  • Turn your fountain off and empty all water
  • Place the water-resistant cover over the fountain.
  • Ensure the cover is securely attached to the fountain.

Fountain Cover Benefits:

  • Protects outdoor water features from ice damage.
  • Ensure the feature is clean and dry come spring.
  • Save time and money on cleaning and repairs.

Additional Tips for Winterizing Your Home:

In addition to the checklist above, here are some additional tips to prepare your home for winter:

  • Seal Leaks: Inspect your home for drafts and seal any gaps in windows, doors, and walls to improve energy efficiency.
  • Check Insulation: Ensure your attic and walls are properly insulated to keep your home warm and reduce heating costs.
  • Service Heating System: Have your heating system professionally serviced to ensure it's working efficiently and safely.
  • Clean Gutters: Clear your gutters of leaves and debris to prevent ice dams that can cause roof damage.
  • Trim Trees: Prune overhanging branches to prevent them from falling on your home during heavy snow or ice.

Winterizing your backyard is essential to keep your outdoor space inviting and ready for springtime gatherings. By following this checklist, you can safeguard your outdoor investments from the harsh winter elements. The peace of mind you gain from knowing that your backyard is protected during the winter season is well worth the effort. Your backyard will thank you, and so will your guests when they get to enjoy your beautiful outdoor space in the warmer months.

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