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With hundreds of sizes available, you will surely find weatherproof protection for your grill, smoker, or patio heater. An uncovered BBQ or fire pit can result in hours of cleaning or, worse, rust damage. Keep your patio clean and protected with our water-resistant grill and heating covers.

The Coverstore Difference

At Coverstore, we believe in protecting what you love. With innovative design and high-quality materials, we know you'll love our grill & heating covers.

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Black cart grill cover
Log rack cover and built-in grill cover

All-Weather Grill & Heater Covers

Whether you need a cover for your BBQ grill, patio heater, or fire pit, we have a protection solution for you. As a trusted cover provider since 2005, we look forward to helping you protect your outdoor lifestyle.

Grill & Heating Cover Reviews

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"Great Cover!!!"
- Michael R
Michael R, May 27, 2022
This seems to be a great cover so far. It fits well, closes snugly with the two adjustable clip straps on each side, looks good and is made of heavy enough material to hold up for a long time. The top handles also make it easy to take off and put on. This replaces a similar cover I bought here previously that lasted a good number of years, so I'm expecting the same for this one.
Grill Cover - Fits up to 66 Inch - Ultima Ripstop
review image
- Michael M
Michael M, Jan 31, 2022
Fits perfect, durable.
Grill Cover - Fits up to 57 Inch - Elite
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"Fits Weber Spirit II E-310 P..."
- Shawn B
"53 in Ultima Cover on Weber Spirit II E-310"
Shawn B, Dec 26, 2020
I picked up a Weber Spirit II E-310 just before Thanksgiving and although I wasn't looking to spend more money after dropping close to $500 on a grill, my wife convinced me that I should get a cover for it to protect it from our (sometimes) harsh WNY winters. I initially thought that I would just opt for the OEM's model specific cover, but after ready mostly negative reviews focusing on fit and quality, I decided to look at other options. Happened upon The Cover Store's website and loved the fact that I could order a FREE full fabric/color swatch kit that arrived just a few days later. Ordered the Ultima Ripstop (53 in) cover with confidence and I could not be happier the quality, look, design, and durability. I wouldn't say it fits like a glove, but rather a really well-fitting mitten. It goes over (and comes off) my grill easily and the five cinch straps (2 each side and one across bottom) give it a nice semi-tailored fit when all buckled up (the cinch straps are really long to support varied shapes/profiles....I trimmed mine up to give them more of a custom-fit look). Water beads up on the fabric and it always stays put despite having had some moderately gusty days (given the heft of the fabric, no doubt it'll withstand whatever mother nature can dish least here in WNY). I would wholeheartedly recommend the Ultima cover to anyone. Obviously there are some less expensive options out there, but if looking to protect your investment for a long time, this cover should definitely be considered. At the very least, order the fabric/color swatch kit (which then you'll likely come to the same conclusion I did and go with a cover from The Cover Store).
Grill Cover - Fits up to 53 Inch - Ultima Ripstop
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"1 cover for 2 Green Eggs ..."
- Janice W
"3 section Green Egg table."
Janice W, Oct 10, 2023
Very pleased with this grill cover. It’s hard to find a quality cover that isn’t custom. I’ve purchased covers from Coverstore for other grills and furniture and have always been pleased. A quality product at a fair price
Grill Cover - Fits up to 92 Inch - Ultima Ripstop
review image
"Classic cover a hit!"
- Helen R
"Fits the Napoleon travelq pro 285x well. Elastic at the bottom helps the cover stay on in the wind."
Helen R, Oct 9, 2023
The classic cover seems sturdy and fits well. The elastic at the bottom prevented the cover from blowing off during a windy storm. And it fits the Napoleon 285x well.
Grill Cover - Fits up to 45 Inch - Classic
review image
"Quality and a good look."
- Kevin W
"Not a perfect fit but not bad either. I typically tuck the front corners under the grill."
Kevin W, Apr 26, 2023
Excellent quality, and looks like it too. I believe this cover will be quite durable. Time will tell. Seems like a good price to me.
Built-In Grill Cover - Ultima Ripstop
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"I DO recommend this product ..."
- Earl R
Earl R, Mar 16, 2023
This cover replaced one I ordered in July 2013 which fit PERFECTLY and lasted 9 1/2 years. I like the material on the new one even better; but, the reason for a 4 not 5 rating is that it doesn't fit "glove perfect" like our first one did. The fit on the front of the grill formed a "dam" that collected water and I'd have to drain it right into the area where I had to stand to grill food. NO BIG DEAL!! I fixed it with ~$10 worth of four tarp clips from Home Depot.....see pics attached. This cover will likely outlast me. I highly recommend it and Coverstore.
Built-In Grill Cover - Ultima Ripstop
review image
"Quality material BBQ cover"
- William L
William L, Feb 28, 2021
Nice built in BBQ cover, quality material. Th cover fits but, a bit too wide on the sides for my DCS 24" built in. There is a cinch rope that does help tighten the permitter of the cover.
Built-In Grill Cover - Ultima Ripstop
review image
"Outdoor grill cover"
- Raymond M
"I am truly impressed with the quality of the material and workmanship at an affordable price."
Raymond M, Jan 7, 2024
Quality material, good workmanship, affordable pricing. I’m a satisfied repeat customer.
Grill Cover - Fits up to 60 Inch - Ultima Ripstop
review image
"Cover Your Pit With the Cove..."
- Jeffry M
"It doesn’t get any better than this — dressed to impress!"
Jeffry M, Dec 1, 2023
The Coverstore Fire Pit cover is just the ticket for a 30” fire pit. When it comes to this type of cover, fit is important. The fit is snug which helps prevent the buildup of water on top and provides security on windy days!
Round Fire Pit Cover - Prestige
review image
"Great Product 👍"
- John S
"Installed and providing protection 👍"
John S, Nov 17, 2023
Excellent fit and very easy to install because of the full length zipper.
Fitted Patio Heater Cover - Elite
review image
"1 cover for 2 Green Eggs ..."
- Janice W
"The cover fits nicely. Very pleased. Much less expensive than a custom cover."
Janice W, Oct 10, 2023
Very pleased with this grill cover. It’s hard to find a quality cover that isn’t custom. I’ve purchased covers from Coverstore for other grills and furniture and have always been pleased. A quality product at a fair price
Grill Cover - Fits up to 92 Inch - Ultima Ripstop

Grill & Heating Cover Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Covers for Fire Pits Do You Offer?

    We offer a variety of sizes and shapes of fire pit covers across our assortment of standard and custom fire pit covers. You can shop by your fire pit size, or jump straight to our most popular fire pit covers below:

    Round Fire Pit Covers
    Square Fire Pit Covers
    Rectangular Fire Pit Covers
    Oval Fire Pit Covers

  • Do Your Fire Pit Covers Accommodate Wind Guards?

    If your fire pit has a wind guard or glass shield, we recommend one of our Custom Fire Pit Covers. We have two options available to fit your wind guard, so you don't have to remove the shield in order to cover your fire pit.

  • How Can I Protect My Firewood?

    We recommend a weather-resistant log rack cover. These covers include a zipper along the front to make accessing your firewood easy. If your firewood is not in a square or rectangular rack, a custom size firewood tarp would be a great option.

  • Do You Have Waterproof Fire Pit Covers?

    Covermates grill & heating covers are highly water-resistant and breathable. Waterproof outdoor covers are not ideal for grills, fire pits, and heaters due to their non-breathable properties. If any condensation or moisture gets beneath a waterproof cover, it will not be able to evaporate, which can lead to mold and mildew development. Conversely, water-resistant and breathable covers allow condensation to quickly evaporate. Along with using industry-leading materials, we've also equipped our covers with breathable mesh vents for optimal ventilation and airflow.

    For more information on waterproof covers for grills and fire pits, check out our blog post on Dispelling the Myths of Waterproof Covers.

  • Do You Have Solo Stove Covers?

    While we do not offer covers specifically designed for Solo Stoves, one of our Custom Round Fire Pit Covers will provide excellent protection for your Solo Stove Bonfire, Yukon, or Ranger.

  • How Do I Find the Right Grill Cover?

    To find the right cover for your outdoor grill, you can either shop by your grill brand and model or by size. Don't see your grill brand on our site? No worries! Simply measure your grill and see if we have a standard size grill cover that will work for you. You can also shop our Custom Grill Covers for a more precise fit or if you have a unique grill shape or size.

  • How Do I Select a Patio Heater Cover?

    Our patio heater covers are available in 4 shapes: triangular, square, fitted, and universal. All outdoor heater covers include a full-length zipper to make application and removal of the cover easy. Once you know which type of heater cover you need, simply select your size and place your order to be on your way toward protecting your outdoor investments!