Coverstore Swatch Kit

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Why Order a Swatch Kit?
Picking a suitable material can be challenging when you're shopping online and your only references are descriptions and photos. We know there's nothing better than holding a product in your hands to feel and compare the quality, so let us come to you with an all-in-one swatch kit! Take your time and get to know each material and color we offer and feel the noticeable differences we cannot covey on screen. If you're feeling adventurous, get your swatches dirty to simulate everyday use and see how easy they are to clean.

What's Included?
You'll receive swatches from each of our four cover materials along with our newest material for outdoor décor. You'll also receive a how-to-measure guide with easy-to-follow instructions for our most popular styles. Can't wait to get started? View all of our how-to-measure guides, so you're one step closer to getting your furniture covered.

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