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Spring beckons a fresh start, yet exterior maintenance often goes overlooked in the fervor of spring cleaning. Our spring maintenance guide will ensure your home is clean and prepared for the season.

1. Thorough Roof Inspection

Start off by meticulously inspecting your roof. Search for signs of winter's toll—missing or compromised shingles are often the culprits. Early detection is key to fortifying your home against leaks and more severe damage. For those who prefer a professional touch, consider enlisting an expert to ensure your home's roof is free of any damage. Taking extra precautions with this step may feel unnecessary to some, but to those who’ve received the repair bills due to unidentified roof damage, it is more than worth the effort.
Check for:

  • Loose or damaged shingles
  • Damaged flashing
  • Loose debris
  • Hire a professional if needed

2. Comprehensive Gutter Cleanup

After you’ve completed your roof inspection, it’s the perfect time to clean out the leaf and debris-filled gutters. Clearing out seasonal debris not only enhances your home's drainage but also acts as a simple defense against water damage. If you are opting for a professional service, we recommend shopping around for a reliable company. This is a great time to ask a neighbor for recommendations!

  • Clean and clear all gutters
  • Hire a professional if needed
Person clearing leaves out of a gutter

3. HVAC Efficiency Boost

Ensure year-long comfort and efficiency with a thorough servicing of your HVAC system. Begin with replacing all air filters, this promotes better air flow and air quality, reducing the workload on your system. Scheduling a professional tune-up is also wise; they'll calibrate your thermostat, inspect electrical connections, and ensure your system is clean and operating properly. These steps not only extend the lifespan of your HVAC but also enhance its performance, preparing you for the warmer days ahead.

  • Change all air filters
  • Schedule a professional tune-up
  • Remove loose debris from the unit

4. Seal and Weather-Stripping Check

Maintaining the integrity of your home's seals is key to energy efficiency and comfort. Start by visually inspecting the weather stripping around windows and doors for any signs of wear or damage. Feel for drafts and look for light seeping through gaps, both indicators of potential energy loss. Replacing weather stripping is often a straightforward DIY task: measure the gap, cut the new stripping to size, and adhere it in place, ensuring a snug and secure fit.

  • Visually inspect all doors and windows
  • Feel for drafts
  • Look for seeping light
  • Measure and replace old strip
Person fixing weather stripping along a window

5. Revitalize Your Patio Cushions

Start by removing any accumulated dust and debris with a soft bristle brush or leaf blower. Follow up with a washcloth or soft bristle brush and mild soap in areas where pollen or mildew may have accumulated. For hard-to-clean stains, refer to your cushion's care instructions to see if they are machine washable. If the cushions stains are too severe, consider replacement cushion covers or new outdoor cushions.

  • Clean off surface dirt and debris
  • Spot clean with a rag and mild soap
  • Machine wash if applicable
  • Use cushion covers or new outdoor cushions if damage is too severe.

6. Refresh Your Patio Furniture

A thorough cleaning not only restores the beauty and functionality of your furniture but also reinforces your outdoor space as an extension of your home's living area. Similarly to cushions, you will want to start by removing dirt and loose debris from the surface with a brush or leaf blower. If deeper cleaning is required, warm water and a mild soap will do the trick for most furniture. Some items made of teak or delicate wood will need a more customized cleaning process. After you have all of your furniture and cushions clean, protect your hard work with water-resistant outdoor patio furniture covers.

  • Remove surface dirt and debris
  • Spot clean with a rag and mild soap
  • Be cautious of sensitive furniture like teak
  • Use a patio furniture cover
Person cleaning outdoor furniture

7. Landscaping Refresh

Giving your lawn and shrubs some much-needed attention after winter will give your home a fresh feeling. Go around your home and remove any lingering debris like twigs, branches, and leaves. Give your lawn a fresh mowing, but be sure to not cut more than a 3rd of its length in order to avoid damage. Finally, trim all small trees and shrubs on your property.

  • Remove all debris like branches and leaves
  • Mow the lawn by no more than 1/3 its height
  • Trim bushes and small trees
Person trimming bushes

After all of your hard work, you are ready to relax and enjoy a stress-free spring!

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