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  1. Beautiful outdoor patio with comfortable patio furniture, outdoor pillows, and outdoor curtains

    Spring Seasonal Checklist: Home Preparation & Maintenance Tips

    Follow our spring checklist to ensure your backyard is clean and ready to enjoy. From lawn maintenance to patio preparations, this guide will get your outdoor space in tip-top shape.
  2. Shop Red & Support the American Red Cross during March

    Supporting the American Red Cross

    At Coverstore, our mission is to protect what you love. As a company, we strive to lift up everyone around us and provide an equal opportunity to thrive. Partnering with the Red Cross during National Red Cross Month came naturally to us, as we are always looking for ways to make a positive impact on our community.
  3. SUV with a black cover on a driveway during the winter

    Why You Should use a Vehicle Cover During the Winter

    Find out how to ensure your car, truck, or SUV is protected and looking its best all winter long.
  4. Gas grill in a backyard

    The Best Grill Covers

    Read about the three of the best grill covers available today, how to choose the right one for your grill, and other frequently asked grill cover questions.
  5. Two air conditioners with different types of Coverstore covers

    The Best Air Conditioner Cover

    Are you looking to find the best protection for your AC to ensure it's clean and running efficiently? Check out our top picks and find the cover that's best for you and your air conditioner.
  6. How To Winterize Patio Furniture

    How To Winterize Patio Furniture

    Are you looking to prepare your patio furniture for winter? These tips teach how to winterize your outdoor tables, chairs, fire pits, and more.
  7. Outdoor furniture set on a patio

    5 Tips to Prevent Outdoor Furniture Theft

    Explore the best ways to prevent your patio furniture from being stolen. Don't let thieves keep you from enjoying your backyard.
  8. Rectangular green air bag on a table with a cover being pulled over it

    How to Prevent Pooling Water on Patio Furniture Covers

    Find out the most common causes of pooling water on your patio furniture and the best ways to prevent it so your investment is always protected.
  9. Air conditioner next to leaves

    Should I Cover My Air Conditioner?

    Is covering your outdoor air conditioner a good idea? Learn the pros and cons of using an air conditioner cover so you can make an informed decision.
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