BBQ Care Kit

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Cooking for your loved ones always leads to a good time, cleaning the grill after is another story. When it comes to grills, kamados or outdoor kitchens in general, they can be quite expensive. Keep them clean and protected with Golden Care 3-in-1 BBQ Care Kit. This can not only keep your outdoor kitchen looking its best but also performing its best. Eliminate grease build up and keep it protected from water all year long. Grills can be a big investment, its time to invest in protection.

Usage Directions
• Use gloves and eye protection and cover ground under the work area.
• Use the kit in the following order: BBQ Degreaser, BBQ Cleaner, BBQ Protector.
• BBQ Cleaner and Degreaser are ready to use can be applied directly to grill.
• BBQ Protector must be applied to a clean cloth.
• Use cleaner and degreaser until desired outcome is reached.
• For best results use BBQ Protector twice a year.

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