Staying Warm for Winter

Staying warm for winter doesn't have to mean being cooped up indoors with a case of cabin fever. You just need to make sure your patio is well equipped to handle the cold weather.

Keep Your Backyard Cozy in the Winter

Fire Pit

You don’t have to go camping to enjoy a roaring fire—complete with some ghost stories and snacks. Roast some marshmallows and sip cocoa around your backyard fire pit any time of year. Bring out blankets to keep your family and guests toasty. Store them in a canvas blanket storage bag for easy access.

Once the fire is out and your fire pit is cool, clean out the ashes. Protect your pit from the weather with a fire pit cover to ensure more cozy nights for years to come. But don’t forget about your firewood! Don’t let the snow and rain dampen your fun and put your next fire pit plans on hold. Invest in a firewood rack cover to keep your wood dry.


Host a family game night or a happy hour for friends all winter long. Often made of clay, chimineas can be fragile and can crack if unprotected. Apply an acrylic finish or sealer every six to eight weeks to protect the chiminea from water, moisture, and keep the clay from softening.

For added protection, use a chiminea cover to shield it from snow, ice, rain, and the beating sun so you can continue to enjoy it for years.

Hot Tub

There’s nothing like taking a dip in a hot tub on a cold winter evening—except for maybe a refreshing drink and company to go along with it. The only problem is you’ll never want to get out! When you finally do, put on a hot tub cover to keep your tub’s hard cover clean and protected for more soaks under the stars.

Outdoor Winter Activities

When it Snows

From snow angels to black diamond slopes, snow opens a whole range of fun activities.

  • Explore nature with a winter camping trip or book a vacation at a cozy cabin in the woods.
  • Go ice fishing.
  • Go on a photo shoot. Be on the lookout for interesting ice forms and animal tracks.
  • Take a hike through a nature preserve or park.
  • Try cross-country skiing.
  • Rent snowshoes and go on an adventure.

Snow Activities for Kids

  • Make your snow colorful artwork! Fill spray bottles with a mixture of water and food dye. Let your kids go wild in the backyard and spray away. Just make sure to avoid yellow food dye - don’t want any confusion!
  • Break out beach toys such as buckets and shovels to build snow castles.
  • Let your kids borrow your cookie cutters to make shapes in the snow.
  • Make a giant snowball and see if the whole family can fit on top of it.
  • Break out a plastic box to make an igloo, snowy brick by snowy brick.
  • Bury a plastic treasure box deep in the snow filled with goodies like plastic toys and spare change. Leave it for your kids to find when the snow melts.

No Snow? No Problem!

Based out of Texas, the Coverstore team knows you don’t need snow to enjoy the winter.

  • Invite animals into your backyard. Make bird feeders with pine cones, birdseed, and peanut butter.
  • Make thermoses of hot chocolate and soup and go on a picnic.
  • Set up a scavenger hunt or obstacle course.

Don't Forget to Bundle Up

There’s an old saying, “There’s no such thing as bad weather, just inadequate clothing.” The key to enjoying the outdoors in the winter is layers. For your first two layers, choose fabrics that are sweat-absorbent and breathable. Use materials such as cashmere, cotton, wool, and polyester blends.

Base layer: When you’re dressing for the cold, start with some thought to the first clothes you put on. The base layer wicks away sweat from your skin. Think polyester long underwear, silk thermals, or a warm long-sleeved undershirt.

Middle layer: The middle layer traps your body’s heat. Invest in a fleece jacket, wool sweaters, and sweatpants.

Outer layer: The outer layer or shell layer protects you from wind, rain, and snow. Choose a water-resistant jacket and top it off with a big warm scarf, gloves, and a beanie or snow hat.

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