Holiday Storage Tips

It’s the most wonderful time of the year—and the most stressful! Gifts need to be wrapped, family is flying in, and everything needs to be decorated before they arrive. Don’t let stress turn you into a Grinch this holiday season. Have fun and stay organized while decorating. Follow these holiday storage tips from the Coverstore team to ensure you have a fun, and productive, holiday season.

Make Decorating Fun

A little music can make decorating fly by. Turn on some of your favorite holiday music to get into the spirit, whether that’s something contemporary like Mariah Carey's “All I Want for Christmas is You” or a timeless classic like Elvis Presley’s “Blue Christmas.”

Decorating alone is a bore and a chore. Make decorating a family affair, whether hauling boxes out of the garage or hanging ornaments on the Christmas tree. Have some holiday snacks prepared for you and your helpers. Think Grandma’s Christmas cookies, mint M&Ms, or a hot cocoa bar!

Keep the Holiday Season Organized

3 Key Holiday Storage Tips

  1. Store holiday decorations in sturdy boxes to keep fragile ones from breaking and to keep everything organized and in the same place.
  2. Label all the boxes to easily identify decorations inside. Our holiday storage bags and boxes come with ID windows for easy labeling.
  3. Keep all your decorations together and store them for the next year’s holiday season.

Must-Have Holiday Storage

Christmas Tree Storage

Keep your artificial Christmas tree from collecting dust in the garage or attic so it’s ready for you to pop up and string lights. We have a variety of structured bags, upright bags, and duffel bags that fit 4 to 11 foot Christmas trees. Plus, some of our bags come with wheels - making moving it from the closet to the living room a breeze.

christmas tree storage

Ornament Storage

Ornaments are mementos that commemorate the people, events, and precious things in our lives. Maybe you have a mini Eiffel Tower to remind you of that trip to Paris. Or the tiny footprints that celebrate your child’s first Christmas. There might even be a few ornaments your children or grandchildren have made. Use ornament storage boxes to keep your mementos safe from shatters, cracks, and scratches. Adjustable foam compartments accommodate the unique shapes of ornaments, allowing you to fit your child’s macaroni angel next to that iconic vacation ornament.

ornament storage

Wreath Storage

Trying to store a wreath in a plastic bag is an exercise in futility. Needles can easily poke through, letting in dirt, dust, and bugs. Luckily, our heavy-duty 600D Polyester storage bags fit many different size wreaths. Reinforced carrying straps make handling your wreaths exceptionally simple.

wreath storage

Gift Wrap Storage

Wrapping gifts can turn into a Nightmare Before Christmas when searching for everything you need. The bows and gift bags are in the cabinet. The wrapping paper is somewhere in a closet. Who knows where you left the scissors and tape. Keep all your gift wrapping materials together in a deluxe gift wrap organizer. The organizer holds 12-15 rolls of gift wrap. Store gift tags, gift bags, bows, tape, scissors, and more in the two pouches and pocket. Plus, we have options for closet hangers and others that are perfect for sliding beneath a bed or shelf.

gift wrap storage

Christmas Light Storage

One of the most magical moments of the holidays is turning off all the lights in the house and flipping on the switch to the Christmas tree lights. Unfortunately, dead bulbs and tangled wires can make draping the tree a frustrating task. Keep your Christmas tree lights safe for magical moments by storing them in a Christmas light storage bag and coil them around Christmas light reels to quickly wrap and unwrap lights.

christmas light storage

Multi-Use Storage

Need a place to store your snow globes, nutcrackers, and Christmas tree topper? Multi-use storage boxes fit all those breakable, odd shaped ornaments. Adjustable foam dividers keep your ornaments safe and the trays are easy to pull out, so you can safely place that snow globe on the mantle without shattering it on the floor.

Kitchenware Storage

Dish Storage

From holiday plates to fine china, store your dish sets in dish storage boxes. These boxes protect plates from chipping and cracking with quilted or felt dividers. Check out some of our larger six piece sets to fit all your dishware storage needs. (These are also great for moving.)

Holiday Mug Storage

Avoid serving coffee with Santa’s face on the mug during summer. Safely store them away for the rest of the year. Our holiday mug storage sets fit 12 cups.

Stemware Storage

Don’t cram extra stemware in a china cabinet to collected dust. Have it clean and ready to go for holiday dinners. Comfortably store and protect 12 wine glasses in our stemware storage box. Thick foam dividers prevent your stemware from crashing together and chipping. The collapsible design allows for easy storage when your stemware is in use.

dish storage

Why choose Coverstore for holiday storage?

High Quality and Durable

All our holiday storage products are made of strong, durable materials, like 600D Polyester, that will last for years to come. We focus not only on making the outside beautiful, but also on ensuring the inside is durable enough to last. Many manufacturers of indoor storage products use cheaper materials for the inside than for the outside. But not Coverstore! We intuitively design each storage box or bag so you can purchase with confidence.


At Coverstore, we are confident in the products we sell. All of our holiday and indoor storage items come with a two or three year manufacturer warranty.

With these holiday storage tips, it will be easy for you to put up and take down holiday decorations, and you may even have time left over to have that last slice of pie.

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