Featured Product: Fire Pit Covers

With a fire pit, you can cook up marshmallows, hot dogs, and ghost stories right in your backyard. You might be tempted to toss a tarp over your fire pit to keep it clean and dry, but it needs more protection. Tarps can easily blow off in high winds, and also aren't overly breathable, which can cause damage.

Investing in an outdoor fire pit cover from Coverstore gives it maximum protection from the elements so you can have more toasty evenings under the stars.

When to use Your Fire Pit Cover

To keep your fire pit in tip-top condition, use a cover whenever your pit is not in use. Let it cool and clean out the ash before placing on the cover.

Here are conditions your cover can protect your fire pit from:

  • Dirt and Debris: A cover keeps your fire pit from becoming covered with dirt and debris, especially during high winds when miscellaneous debris could hit your pit and scratch it.
  • Snow, Ice, and Rain: A cover keeps the bowl of your pit dry so you don’t need to clean out soggy ash. Your fire pit is ready to use anytime, even after a rain or snow storm.
  • Sun: Protect your pit from UV rays to prevent fading, cracking, and structural damage.
  • Insects and Pests: When you want to create a fire, you don’t want to deal with burning insects and pests out of their nests. A fire pit cover helps keep these pests from building nests in the first place.

fire pit covers

How to Measure for Your Fire Pit Cover

Carefully measure your fire pit before purchasing a cover. Follow our intuitive guides to be sure you order the right cover the first time around.

Round Fire Pit

Diameter: Measure from one side to the other across the top-center of the fire pit.

Height: Measure from the ground to the top of the fire pit. Subtract 1-2 inches to allow for air flow.

Check out our downloadable guide for more information.

Square/Rectangular Fire Pit

Width: Measure across the widest side of the fire pit, such as across the table top or leg base.

Depth: Measure the deepest point of the fire pit, such as side to side across the top-center, the area adjacent from the width.

Height: Measure from the ground to the top of the fire pit. Subtract 1-2 inches to allow for air flow.

Check out our downloadable guide for more information.

Additional Measuring Tips:

  • Each cover is designed to allow necessary air circulation.
  • If you cannot find a fire pit cover the same size as your pit, choose one that is slightly larger or explore our custom fire pit covers.
  • If you live in a mild climate and use your fire pit often, check out our convenient fire pit top covers for moderate protection.

Types and Sizes of Fire Pit Covers

We provide a variety of types, sizes, and materials for fire pit covers. With over 20 sizes available and 4 material collections, we have what you need.

Explore our selection of fire pit covers, perfect for wood-burning and gas fire pits.

Have other backyard heating equipment? Check out our selection of covers for <chimineas and outdoor heaters.

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Fire Pit Material Types

All our covers protect against dirt, moisture, and fading and are available in all four of our material collections. Find the right fire pit cover for your climate and budget.


Our most affordable covers, the Classic Collection is made of lightweight Vinyl with a Polyester lining. Use these covers in mild climates to protect your fire pit from dirt, dust, and mild weather conditions. All Classic covers come with a two year warranty.

Recommended for areas with:
  • Minimal to moderate wind gusts
  • Moderate to high rainfall
  • Moderate to direct sunlight
  • Moderate to high snowfall
  • Low humidity


Protect your covers in more intense environments without breaking the bank. The Elite Collection is made with 300-denier polyester and is our #1 best-selling material. Keep your fire pit safe for years to come with our three year warranty.

Recommended for areas with:
  • Moderate to high wind gusts
  • Moderate to high rainfall
  • Moderate direct sunlight
  • Moderate snowfall
  • Low to moderate humidity


Our top-rated collection, Ultima covers are made of premium 600-denier ripstop polyester. This material protects against cracks, scratches, moisture, fading, and harsh weather. With our 7-year warranty, you can enjoy many more backyard camp outs to come.

Recommended for areas with:
  • Moderate to extreme wind gusts
  • Moderate to high rainfall
  • Moderate to high direct sunlight
  • Heavy to extreme snowfall
  • Moderate to high humidity


Do you want the absolute best protection for you fire pit while also keeping your backyard looking beautiful? The Prestige collection is for people who want their fire pit to last even in the harshest of climates without sacrificing aesthetic appeal.

These covers are made of 900-denier polyester, a heavy duty UV and mildew resistant fabric that can withstand the elements. Enjoy many more rounds of s’mores and hot dogs with our 7-year warranty.

Recommended for areas with:
  • Heavy to extreme wind gusts
  • Heavy to extreme rainfall
  • Heavy to extreme direct sunlight
  • Heavy to extreme snowfall
  • Heavy to extreme humidity

Other Accessories for Your Fire Pit

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