Polyester Furniture Covers vs. Vinyl - Who Wins?

Polyester and Vinyl are the materials most covers are made of. So, which is better? Depending on what you're covering and where you live, either one might work for you.

Benefits of Vinyl Covers

Low Cost

Vinyl is a low-cost material that is durable and moisture resistant. These covers are lightweight and easy to store, making them easy to take on and off your furniture. These are great if you are looking for protection on a budget.

Work Well Indoors

If you are storing your vehicle or patio furniture inside, you may want to consider a vinyl cover. But for outdoor conditions, a polyester cover will provide more protection. Coverstore’s Classic collection of furniture covers are constructed of 12-gauge commercial Vinyl, which is sturdier than the typical Vinyl cover. Read more about our Classic collection.

Shortcomings of Vinyl Covers

Not Very Pliable

Vinyl is a strong material, but it can also be too stiff to conform to your furniture or car. Its stiffness can cause Vinyl covers to not fit seamlessly to your vehicle or furniture. A cover that is too large can cause dirt and debris to get underneath, destroying the purpose of having a cover in the first place.

Minimal Air Flow

If you live in a rainy or humid environment, you might think that a Vinyl cover is the perfect solution. However, Vinyl covers are not as breathable as those made of Polyester. This means that water droplets (such as dew) can form underneath the cover and remain trapped there. When the water remains for a long period of time, it can cause mold, mildew, and rust to form and erode the surface of your car or patio furniture.

Read more about waterproof and water-resistant covers.

Benefits of Polyester Covers

Durable and Scratch Resistant

Some materials are durable, but rough and can scratch delicate paint jobs. Polyester is a strong, scratch-resistant fabric. It protects your car and furniture from tree branches and other debris without scratching it up.

Treated with Substances to Make it Stronger

Polyester can be treated with various substances to enhance the abilities of the fabric. It can be UV-resistant, fade-resistant, water-resistant, and mildew and mold resistant.

Lightweight Material

As a lightweight material, Polyester is easy to pack up, fold, and store in your trunk or garage. Since it is so light, it is also easy to put on your car and furniture.

Water-Resistant and Breathable

Polyester dries faster than Vinyl, which means that water stays on your car and furniture for a shorter amount of time. Being breathable allows water to evaporate quickly from Polyester, preventing mildew and rust from forming.

Form Fitting

Polyester covers fit snugly to your furniture or vehicle. This keeps out dust and other debris that can cause damage.

Shortcomings of Polyester Covers

More Expensive

Polyester covers perform better than Vinyl covers in just about every climate and situation. With that in mind, they also tend to be more expensive than Vinyl covers. If you are hesitant about spending the extra money for a higher quality Polyester cover, think about how much your outdoor furniture or grill cost. Expensive outdoor equipment should be covered with top-notch covers, and Polyester ones will get the job done.

When to Use a Vinyl Cover vs. a Polyester Cover

If you are storing your car or furniture indoors, Vinyl can be a less expensive solution that still protects your furniture.

For outdoor storage, use Polyester vehicle or furniture covers because they are more breathable and sturdier than Vinyl. Moisture will not get stuck under the cover causing damage. This sturdy material will also protect your car from scratches.

Coverstore offers a variety of materials ranging from good to superb. You can find more information on our various Polyester furniture covers by viewing our Compare Collections Chart.

Covermates material collections
Pictured above are our four material collections: Prestige, Ultima, Classic, and Elite

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