4 Risks of Leaving Your Outdoor Table Uncovered

Watching your outdoor table slowly get destroyed by the elements can be heartbreaking. While it is sometimes possible to reverse the damage weather causes on outdoor furniture, it can be an expensive and difficult process.

If your outdoor table and chairs are already weather damaged, you can avoid further damage can be by investing in a table cover. However, it is best to be proactive and get a cover right after your furniture purchase to prevent the expense and struggle of attempting to make your table look like new again.

A Quick Summary
  1. The 4 main risks of leaving your tables and chairs uncovered are damage from: sunlight, water, dirt and leaves, and animals and insects.
  2. Coverstore provides a wide variety of table and table chair set covers to help you protect the investment you have put into your patio.
  3. Coverstore’s four collections each offer different features and give you the choice to pick what is best for you.
4 Risks of Leaving Your Outdoor Table Uncovered

Sun Damage

This is probably the biggest risk to your furniture. The sun can cause both aesthetic and structural damage.

Wood tables and chairs will fade or become sun bleached if left outside in the sun all day every day. This damage can be reversed, but the process is often difficult and time consuming. As the wood continues to be damaged by the sun, it will become weaker. This opens it up to the risk of cracking and splintering.

Water Damage

If you live in an area that rains a lot, you definitely need to be proactive in protecting your outdoor furniture. No one likes the surprise of sitting on a wet chair, especially if there’s a cushion on it.

When the water on wood furniture dries, it typically will leave water stains. Like sun damage, these stains can be removed or covered up, but the process can be difficult and expensive.

Water also encourages wood to rot and metal to rust, neither of which are ideal for your patio.

Dirt and Leaves

If your table and chairs are under a tree, leaves are sure to fall on it. When doing yard work, grass and dirt may fly up and get on the furniture. This means you’ll need to wipe down your furniture before use, and some of it may still get stuck in the cracks (especially if you have wicker furniture).

Another pesky substance that can dirty up your furniture is pollen. In spring, pollen seems to appear out of nowhere. It will cover your car, your outdoor furniture, and anything else that is left outside. Cut down on your cleaning time and invest in an outdoor furniture cover. Read how to effectively remove pollen from your furniture.

Animals and Insects

Bird and squirrel droppings are never a welcome sight on tables and chairs. Your plans to have a nice outdoor dinner could quickly be ruined by various critters leaving you special "gifts" on your furniture.

Spring also brings more issues from animals and insects, namely squirrels. Squirrels love to chew, and leaving your outdoor cushions or pillows out in the open is squirrel heaven. Once they chew a hole in your cushion, that gives cockroaches and other unpleasant insects the chance to burrow inside.

Avoid Damage by Investing in a Covermates Table Cover

We offer many sizes, styles, and colors of table and table chair set covers. We recommend using a table chair set cover if you have an outside dining table with several chairs around it. Getting one of these covers will be less expensive than purchasing chair covers separately, and is quicker to take on and off.

Several styles of our covers also include built-in umbrella holes. This makes the process of putting on and taking off your cover much easier since you can leave your umbrella in place. You can even purchase a matching umbrella cover to go along with your table cover. Learn more about our umbrella covers.

Our Collections

Coverstore table and table chair set covers are offered in our four collections – Classic, Elite, Ultima, and Prestige. We’ve outlined the most important features to look at when purchasing a cover for your table. Whether you have a square, rectangular, or round patio table, each of our collections offer premium protection at an affordable price.


If you are looking to have your table and chair covers be a beautiful addition to your patio, the Prestige collection is the way to go. With its elegant design and superior durability, these covers look great while keeping your furniture safe.

Here are the features making our Prestige covers unique:

  • Made with thick, woven fabric to avoid rips and tears.
  • Solution-dyed material retains color to avoid fading.
  • Provides excellent water-resistance with a waterproof lining.
  • Includes contrasting piping and webbing for an elegant appearance.
  • Includes our best features: dual covered vents, buckle straps, a drawcord on the bottom hem, and carrying handles.
  • Protected by a 7-year warranty.

Learn more about our Prestige Collection and explore our Prestige table covers.


Our top-rated Ultima collection is engineered with state-of-the-art ripstop grid patterns to provide superior protection against tearing, ripping, cracking, and scratching, all while providing protection against moisture, fading, and everything in-between.

Here are the features that make our Ultima collection top-rated:

  • Made with durable, ripstop fabric to avoid rips and tears.
  • Rot-resistant thread maintains the cover's integrity year-round.
  • Includes our best features: covered vents, buckle straps, and a drawcord on the bottom hem.
  • Protected by a 7-year warranty.

Learn more about our Ultima Collection and explore our Ultima table covers.


Our #1 best-selling material, Elite collection covers provide excellent protection at a wallet-friendly price.

Here are the features that make our Elite collection our best-seller:

  • Made from heavy-duty fabric treated for water and UV-ray resistance.
  • Includes water-resistant seam binding.
  • Includes our best features: mesh vents, buckle straps, and a drawcord on the bottom hem.
  • Protected by a 3-year warranty.

Learn more about our Elite Collection and explore our Elite table covers.


Our most affordable collection, Classic covers provide you with year-round protection without breaking the bank.

Here are the features that make our Classic collection great:

  • Made from lightweight 12-gauge Vinyl.
  • Includes a Polyester lining to maintain shape and structure.
  • Includes our best features: mesh vents and an elastic bottom hem.

Learn more about our Classic Collection and explore our Classic table covers.

How to Find Your Table Cover

Follow these instructions to find the perfect cover for your outdoor table.

  1. Measure your table by following our How to Measure guides.
  2. Select your Patio Table Cover Style.
  3. Click "Search by Size" to enter your table dimensions. You can also choose to filter by shape and type, or simply scroll down the page to find the correct size.
  4. Select the cover material you want. You can always switch materials and covers before checking out.
  5. Read through the specifications, description, and material details to be sure the cover provides what you need.
  6. Click add to cart, checkout, and wait for your cover to arrive!

Can't find the right size? Explore our new Custom Outdoor Table Covers to find the perfect fit!

In short, there is no need for you to go through the trouble of restoring and fixing damage to your outdoor furniture. This damage can easily be prevented by investing in a Covermates outdoor table cover. With our huge selection, you are sure to find what you need to protect the things you love.

**Please note that cover features and availability may vary based on collection and cover type.

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