Benefits of Using Appliance Covers

Picture your kitchen and think about how many appliances your own. From your $50 blender to your $500 standing mixer, you want each of these investments to last a lifetime. Proper care and maintenance is the first step to protecting appliances.

For additional protection and peace of mind, you should considering investing in appliance covers. Whether you keep your appliances on your kitchen counter or in your cabinet, covers will keep your appliances in top condition.

Why Appliance Covers Should be Used in the Kitchen

Protect from Dust, Grime, and Grease

Start each new cooking project right away with clean appliances. Appliances left on the counter uncovered are susceptible to dust, grime, grease, and moisture. Dirty appliances are inconvenient, and dirt can get inside the electrical components of your appliances, damaging them.

Appliance covers prevent dust from collecting on seldom used appliances, such as your juice, toaster oven, or slow cooker. If you leave your kitchen equipment on the counter, it will more likely than not get splashed and spilled on while you are busy cooking and using other appliances.

Extend Your Appliance’s Life

Coverstore’s quilted 2-ply Polyester fabric keeps appliances shielded from accidental dings that could cut the life of an appliance short. You should especially purchase appliance covers for expensive products, such as your standing mixer. Keep the cords protected by wrapping them around the appliance and placing a cover over the entire piece.

Protect Your Children and Your Appliances

Kids love to grab shiny objects and play with things they aren’t supposed to. Tiny hands can reach into appliances and touch sharp blades. Children also might slide toys and other objects into appliances, causing them to break. Covers keep appliances safely out of the grasps of kids, and keep your kitchen investments safe from them.

mixer cover

How to Make Appliance Covers Fit in with Your Kitchen

Choosing colors for your appliance covers comes down to your personal preferences. Here are some helpful suggestions:

  • Make your kitchen look organized by choosing the same color for all your appliance covers.
  • Match the color of each appliance cover to the corresponding appliance.
  • Choose red covers to add a pop of color in your kitchen. This bright color also makes it easier to locate your appliances when they are stored away in dark cabinets. These can also be a fun way to decorate for the holidays.
  • Choose brown or cream colored covers to blend into your counter and decrease visual clutter.

juicer cover

How to Care of Your Appliance Covers

From batter splattering across the kitchen to dust collecting over time, appliance covers occasionally need cleaning. Coverstore appliance covers are crafted with smooth, polyester fabric that resists stains and makes cleaning easy.

  • It might sound like a no-brainer, but make sure your appliances are completely clean before putting them in their appliance cover.
  • Wash your appliance covers by hand to avoid damage and prevent your covers from losing their shape. Simply use water and a mild dishwashing soap to wash and dry with a towel. Do not use bleach or other harsh chemicals. You can also put it in the dishwasher on a gentle cycle. However, do not put it in the dryer, let it air dry instead.

Appliance covers are a great way to stay organized while keeping your kitchen looking elegant and put together. With our subtle diamond design, we have created an attractive cover that provides outstanding protection while adding a pop of color to your kitchen. Our Keepsakes collection of kitchen appliance covers will help you make your house a home.

Coverstore's Offerings

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