Two Christmas tree duffel bags next to a Christmas tree

Originally posted December 2018, updated December 2021

From hanging ornaments to opening gifts, the tree is the center of many holiday festivities. Let your artificial Christmas tree bring you and your family holiday cheer for years to come by finding a protective storage solution.

Tips on Picking the Right Christmas Tree Storage Bag

  • Consider where you will store the tree and how much space you have. This will help you decide if you need an upright bag or a bag that lays on the floor.
  • Measure the circumference, height, and length of the longest tree section (if your tree has separate pieces).
  • Choose a bag that is large enough to hold the tree but not too large to allow for shifting. If there is extra room in the bag, fill it with garlands or other soft decorations so it is snug.
  • Think about what type of bag you will need to comfortably transport and store the tree. Consider investing in a set of bags if you have a large tree that breaks into several pieces.
  • Decide what other features you want the bag to have such as wheels, carrying straps, or extra storage pockets.
  • If no storage bag with your exact dimensions exists, choose one that is slightly larger in circumference and height. The bag needs to be at least as deep and tall as the collapsed girth of the tree. If your tree has multiple pieces, you may need to choose a bag with a greater depth and height to allow for the overlapping of pieces.

How to Measure Your Tree to Choose the Right Size Storage Bag

Before throwing away the box your Christmas tree comes in, make a note of the tree dimensions. If you forgot to do this, don’t panic! Measuring your Christmas tree is easy.

  1. Height: Measure the height of the tree while it is standing.
  2. Length of Longest Section: Measure the length of the longest section when the tree is dissembled.
  3. Girth or Circumference when Standing: Measure around the tree while it is standing and branches are displayed outwards.
  4. Girth or Circumference when Taken Apart: Measure around the tree when the branches are either taken off or collapsed.

You can download step-by-step visual instructions on our How to Measure Your Christmas Tree page.

Types of Artificial Tree Storage Bags

Cinch Bags

Christmast tree cinch bags are the most popular storage option. Padded handles, exterior cinch straps, and a large interior pocket are just a few of the features that make these bags stand out amongst the rest. Our durable tree cinch bags are available in two sizes to allow you to fit up to an 11 foot tree. You can also opt for a rolling cinch bag for easier transport of your tree. Rolling Christmas tree bags are also able to hold trees up to 11 feet tall.

Red Christmas tree cinch bag

Structured Bags

If you want the strongest protection for your tree, invest in a structured tree bag. Corrugated plastic panels and padding in the walls of the bag give your tree the best protection when being transported and stored. The sturdy D-shaped handles and wheels make it easy to transport. These tree bags are available in sizes to fit up to a 15 foot tree.

Red Christmas tree structured bag with wheels

Duffel Bags

Duffel bags are a great option if you have limited storage space but have a large tree. You can place each tree section in a different bag and store the bags in any location you need to make them fit. To make next year's setup easier, label the bags with which section of the tree is inside. Tree duffel bags are easy to move around with their reinforced carrying straps and smaller profile. Plus, you can purchase these bags in sets of two for extra savings.

Set of two red Christmas tree duffel bags

Upright Bags

Do you get frustrated every holiday season when you have to assemble and disassemble your Christmas tree? Upright storage bags solve this problem. Simply pull the bag over your tree, zip it up, and you’re done!

Green upright Christmas tree bag

Why should you use a tree storage bag?

The Original Cardboard Box is Not Strong Enough

The box your tree cam in may survive for a couple of years, but is it worth the struggle of cramming it back in year after year? Not only is it frustrating, but hauling a cardboard box in and out of its storage space will weaken it and cause it to become damaged over time. Cardboard also attracts bugs and may become damp with mildew, damaging the tree inside.

Plastic Storage Bins and Trash Bags Can Damage Your Tree

Once the original cardboard box breaks down, many people will either store their tree in a plastic storage bin or trash bags. Plastic storage bins are often not large enough to fit your tree and, since they are not flexible, can cause your tree branches to become bent awkwardly. Trash bags do not provide complete protection. The tree’s branches can easily poke through the plastic letting in dirt, water, and bugs.

Christmas Tree Storage Bags Make Storage Easy and Convenient

It is easier to store a bagged tree in limited space because it takes up less room than an oversized cardboard or plastic box. Our Christmas tree storage bags are also easier to transport because they come with sturdy handles and wheels. In some situations, you can buy a bag that is large enough to put the tree away without disassembling it.

Other Holiday Storage Options

No need to stop at the Christmas tree! The original containers for many decorations are not designed for long-term storage. Invest in high-quality holiday organizers to keep your decorations and supplies in tip-top shape for next year.

Ornament Bags and Boxes

Configurable trays with foam dividers keep ornaments safe and make storing odd-shaped decorations easy. Our ornament organization solutions are available in a variety of sizes to allow you to store up to 128 ornaments in one container.

Wreath Storage

Your wreath can easily poke out of large plastic trash bags and get crushed in cardboard boxes. These durable storage bags ensure that your wreath is protected from dust and grime so it can last for years to come.

Gift Wrap Organizers

Know the location of all your decorating supplies so wrapping your presents is a breeze. Plus, our gift wrap storage comes in options for underbed and hanging to keep your supplies out of the way.

Light Storage

Keep your Christmas tree lights from getting tangled with these light storage sets so you can seamlessly set up your indoor and outdoor decorations.

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