Featured Product: Swing Covers

Canopy and patio swings bring relaxation right to your yard. Have a drink and a deep conversation, or take much needed alone time while gently swaying in the breeze. Protect your method of relaxation with a swing cover and ensure years of future use.

4 Reasons to Use a Swing Cover

Keep your swing in great condition for years to come. Here are some of the conditions a cover can protect your swing from:

Sun exposure: Depending on what your swing is made of, UV rays and heat can destroy your swing. Metal swings are pretty sun-resistant, but wood and wicker can dry out, fade, and splinter in the sun, weakening and eventually breaking the swing. Plastic and synthetic wicker can melt in the sun’s heat, warping the swing. Using a swing cover will also keep your outdoor seating cool and ready for use, even during the hottest part of the summer.

Moisture: A cover keeps the swing out of the rain and stops dew from forming, preventing mildew and mold. If water condenses under the cover, breathable covers let moisture escape so water is on the seat for less time.

Dirt and debris: A cover keeps your swing clean from dust, leaves, and other debris so it is ready to use without having to clean it first.

Protection from pests: If your swing has cushions, pests may tear apart your cushions for nesting material or choose to make their home directly in the cushions. A cover prevents pests from accessing your swing.

How to Put on a Swing Cover

We recommend using two people to put a swing cover on.

  1. Unfold the cover. Completely detach all Velcro.
  2. Place the cover underneath the swing with the elastic hem facing the ground and the mesh vent at the back of the swing.
  3. Pull the vent side of the cover up until the Velcro edge meets the top of the backrest. Hold the cover in this position.
  4. Beginning with the front arm on the left, attach the Velcro on the front of cover to the Velcro on the back cover. Continue attaching the Velcro until the cover is fully attached.

Coverstore Swing Covers

Classic Swing Covers

Light-weight and versatile, Classic covers protect your patio swing from pests, bird droppings, harsh weather conditions, UV-rays, and more. Features of our Classic swing covers include a breathable mesh vent, an elastic hem, and a Velcro closure. Made with thick 12-gauge water-resistant vinyl, our Classic covers come with a 2-year warranty.

Shop Classic swing covers.

Elite Swing Covers

Crafted from 300-denier polyester, the Elite material is among our best-sellers. If you live in an area with harsh weather or plan on keeping your cover on for an extended period of time, Elite is the way to go. Features of our Elite swing covers include a breathable mesh vent, an elastic hem, Velcro closures, and double-stitched seams. Swing to your heart’s content with our 3-year warranty.

Shop Elite swing covers.

Ultima Swing Covers

Protect your swing all year long with our top-rated Ultima Collection. Made with high-quality 600-denier ripstop polyester, this material resists cracking, ripping, and tearing. Ultima covers provide the best protection against sunlight, moisture, and the elements. Features of our Ultima swing covers include rot-resistant thread, waterproof seam binding, a covered vent, four buckle straps, an elastic hem, and Velcro closures. Enjoy your swing for years with our 7-year warranty.

Shop Ultima swing covers.

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