Vehicle Cover Care
As your cover is busy protecting your vehicle from dirt, dust, and rain, it is bound to get dirty. Just like the car or truck it’s protecting, maintaining your cover properly will help it last for years. Not cleaning your cover can cause your windshield and paint to become dirty and foggy looking. A dirty cover may also help pull water through the fabric, as the dirt and dust beneath the surface are absorbent.

General Cleaning Instructions

Always read the label or check with the manufacturer of your cover to ensure you clean it properly. Not all vehicle covers are made of the same material, so some may require different care instructions.

If you plan on machine washing your cover, you should always use one without a center agitator, unless the manufacturer states otherwise.

If you don’t know whether your cover is machine-washable, choosing to wash by hand is the safest option. Plus, you can leave your cover on your vehicle while you hand-wash it, making this method quick and easy.

Never use fabric softener or bleach when cleaning your cover. Do not iron your cover or put it in the dryer (unless manufacturer states otherwise). Extra-large covers should be washed in large commercial front-load machines. Do not attempt to cram a large cover into a smaller machine, as the machine won’t be able to spin correctly and the water may not drain.

Please note: Covermates vehicle covers should always be washed by hand.
How To Machine Wash Your Cover
  1. Use ¼ cup of gentle laundry detergent.
  2. Wash cover on delicate or gentle cycle under low or medium heat.
  3. Set the machine to rinse twice to ensure detergent is completely removed.
  4. Air dry only (unless manufacturer states otherwise) and use a towel to dry any areas where moisture is still present.
How To Hand Wash Your Cover
  1. Leave your cover on your vehicle or lay it on a flat surface.
  2. Mix one ounce of mild dish soap or gentle laundry detergent with one gallon of warm water.
  3. Using a sponge, scrub soapy water onto the cover. Use a bristle brush for any tough stains.
  4. Allow the cover to air dry, and use a towel to dry any areas where moisture is still present.

Vehicle Cover Storage

If you aren’t planning on using your vehicle cover, be sure to fold it and put it in a clean, dry place so it’s ready for when you need it next.
How to Fold Your Vehicle Cover
For easy storage, fold your cover as you are taking it off of your car.
  1. Begin removing the cover at either end of the vehicle, carefully pulling it outward while avoiding any sharp edges.
  2. Allow the cover to lie across the surface of your vehicle from front to back. If your cover has any moisture on it, let it to dry before folding.
  3. Lift and fold each side of the cover (lengthwise, one at a time) inward toward the center axis of the cover. This should form a piece approximately two feet wide.
  4. After both sides are folded in, start at the rear and roll the cover over the roof and onto the hood.
  5. As you roll your cover up, continue pulling in the sides of the cover to create a more compact roll, similar to a sleeping bag.
  6. Use a storage bag for your cover. Be sure the cover is completely dry before storage.