A clean grill cover in a backyard

Grill covers do a great job of keeping your grill clean - but sometimes they need a wash too! Follow these easy steps to clean your grill cover and make it look good as new.

How to Clean a Grill Cover

Watch this video for instructions on how to wash your grill cover, or continue to read the instructions below.

1. Gather Supplies

First, you'll want to gather the correct supplies. You'll need a bucket of water, mild dish soap, a sponge or soft bristle brush, a garden hose, and clean towels.

2. Remove the Cover

If the cover wasn't too dirty, you can do light spot cleaning while it is still on the grill. However, if the cover has a lot of dirt or grease stains, you'll want to take the cover off to do a deep clean.

Use the handles at the top of the cover to pull the cover off the grill, and then shake it to get off any loose debris.

Animated gif of a man taking a grill cover off of a grill and shaking dirt off

3. Hose Off the Cover

Next, lay the cover on the ground and use the hose to spray off any remaining dirt. Flip the cover over and repeat on the other side.

4. Scrub the Cover with Soapy Water

Mix a few drops of dish soap with the bucket of water. The ratio doesn't need to be exact; use enough soap to get some good bubbles going.

Get your sponge or soft bristle brush and start scrubbing the cover with the soap mixture. If you have any tough stains or mildew, let the soap sit on the cover for a few minutes to loosen the stain.

Once you're done scrubbing one side of the cover, hose off the soap, and flip the cover over to scrub the other side.

Animated gif of a man scrubbing dirt off of a grill cover

5. Clean the Inside of the Cover

Sometimes, the grease from your grill can get on the inside of the cover and make it sticky. If that's the case, flip the cover inside out and scrub with the soapy water mixture. Hose it off and repeat as needed.

6. Dry the Cover

If you have a small cover, you can drape it over your fence or hang it up to dry. However, larger cart or island grill covers should be laid down on clean towels and allowed to dry in the sun. Flip the cover over after 30-60 minutes to allow the other side to dry.

While your cover dries, take the time to clean your grill. Cleaning grease from the outside of your grill will keep the inside of your cover nice and clean. Follow our instructions on How to Clean and Protect Your Grill. We recommend using the Golden Kit BBQ kit which includes all the tools you need to keep your grill clean.

7. Re-Cover Your Grill

Once the cover is completely dry inside and outside, put it back on your grill.

Cover Cleaning Tips

1. Never put your cover in the washing machine or dryer.

2. Clean your grill after using it and before covering it.

3. Let the grill and the cover dry completely before putting the cover back on.

With these simple steps, you'll be on your way to a clean cover in no time at all.

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