Outdoor TV with a cover on

You’ve made the jump to purchase an outdoor TV, but now you’re beginning to realize all the dangerous elements your TV is facing. Sunlight, dirt, humidity, rain, bugs...the list of dangers goes on. Don’t let this scare you away from getting the outdoor TV of your dreams!

If you haven't purchased your TV yet, look for one that is made for the outdoors. These TVs will withstand the weather and last for longer use cycles than indoor TVs. Once you have your new TV in hand, follow these three steps to keep it running like new for years.

#1: Choose the Right Location

You can extend the life of your outdoor TV by placing it in the right location. Mount it beneath a patio awning or other protected area to keep it out of rainstorms and direct sunlight. Keeping it out of the sun extends the usable life of the TV, plus reduces screen glare to make watching easy. Mount your TV high enough to see from several angles, and have plenty of seating in the area. If you plan on getting an outdoor TV cover, then make sure the TV is still low enough for you to pull a cover over it (we recommend keeping a step stool near by!).

Summers bring problems for outdoor TVs. Heat causes deterioration of the screen, casing, mount, and cables. If you're not careful with the placement and protection of your TV, it will not last long and could become a safety hazard. Keeping it out of the sun extends the usable life of the TV and reduces screen glare to make watching easy. Your TV also needs to be at least six feet away from direct heat sources such as fire pits and grills.

Both extreme heat and extreme cold are damaging to outdoor TVs. If you live in an area facing extreme cold or hot weather, you may need to invest in a small mountable heater or fan to moderate the temperature of your TV.

TV mounted on a patio
Mount your TV beneath a patio awning or other covering to keep it safe and sound.

#2: Choose an Outdoor Mount and Cables

Using an indoor TV outside is risky, and the same goes for the mount and cables. Indoor TV mounts cannot handle outdoor temperatures. They are prone to rust and deteriorate in rain and sun. As with your TV, buy a mount rated for outdoor use with built-in UV protection.

If possible, install your cable box, DVD player, Blue-ray player, and other video source or streaming devices indoors. However, based on where you mount your TV and other environmental factors, this may not be feasible. If you need to keep those devices outdoors, invest in a cable box cover. Even with a cover, you need to place your cable box in a protected location without direct sun and rain.

#3: Choose the Right Outdoor TV Cover

Outdoor TVs have three cover options: full, half, and flip-top. Which one you use depends on the mount style of your TV and the level of protection you desire.

Full TV Covers

This type of cover will protect your entire TV. If the back of your TV is accessible while mounted, a full cover is a great option. Full coverage outdoor TV covers will fit over all types of mount styles — single-arm, full-motion, and ceiling.

Full TV covers provide protection both inside and out. A strong water-resistant outer material keeps out rain and dirt, while an interior fleece lining protects the screen. Plus, we've included a pouch on the back of the cover for remote controls and other small accessories.

Full Outdoor TV Cover
*Features vary by material

Half TV Covers

If your TV is in a hard-to-reach area, this is the best type of cover for you. Half outdoor TV covers fit all mount styles, including freestanding TVs. Our half outdoor TV covers include a drawcord to cinch the back of the cover, meaning it stays put during high winds but is still easy to take on and off.

Half Outdoor TV Cover
*Features vary by material

Flip-Top TV Covers

We love this type of cover due to the convenience. True to its name, all you need to do is flip up the front flap and roll it back to start watching TV. Flip-top outdoor TV covers include touch fastener closures to fit all mounted and freestanding TVs. Plus, like the full covers, you can store any remote controls in the built-in pouch on the back of the cover.

Flip-Top Outdoor TV Cover
*Features vary by material

Once you've decided on what style of TV cover you want, measure your TV, pick your material and color, and get ready to get covered! We provide covers for screens as small as 18 inches and as large as 73. You can also shop our custom outdoor TV covers for perfect-fitting protection. For more detailed information on each of our TV covers, read our TV cover product spotlight..

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