Dish storage boxes

As someone who cherishes their dishes, fine china, and stemware, you understand how difficult it can be to keep them protected and organized. From everyday use to transporting during a move, they can be susceptible to chips, cracks and breaks without adequate storage. Considering these precious items are often passed down through generations and hold great sentimental value, we want to help you find the best way to store and move your glassware so it always looks as beautiful as the day you packed it.

Measure Your Dishes

Selecting an appropriately sized container for your dishes is essential for their protection. Avoid using storage options that are too large, as this can cause the dishes to shift around and break. On the other hand, storage that is too small will limit the number of pieces you can pack and will often leave your glassware in odd and compromising positions due to the lack of space. Instead, opt for a container slightly larger than your glassware to allow for easy access and additional protective padding if needed. To limit the guesswork, measure your dishes and aim to purchase a storage box that is around a half-inch larger on all sides.

Types of Dish Storage

When choosing the right storage containers for your dishes, fine china, or glassware, we recommend two options for maximum protection. One would be a plush quilted storage bag that offers excellent protection while remaining soft for greater flexibility. These lightweight, washable storage bags take up minimal space, making them great for any kitchen space. However, we don't recommend using quilted dish storage for moving unless accompanied by additional protection.

We recommend using storage boxes if you're looking for a storage option with more structure to handle a big move. Their structured walls allow for convenient stacking and work great for those with limited space or anyone looking to add an added layer of protection to their valuables during big moves. The sturdy design makes them tough enough to be stored in the attic, garage, or closet, while the beautiful exterior fits in seamlessly with any home décor.

Divide and Conquer

Adding interior padding and dividers are one of, if not the most, crucial aspects of reliable protection during transportation. Even if you place your dishes in a well-made storage box, they will slide around without added protection, resulting in scratches and breaks. A good rule of thumb is to avoid contact between two dishes to minimize the risk of damage.

We recommend using fabric dividers for plates, bowls, and other larger items stacked on one another. Felt or quilted dividers are our favorite, preventing breaks, scratches, and more.

When storing wine glasses, coffee mugs, or glass flutes, it’s best to use storage with vertical dividers that cover the entire glass. As mentioned before, you want to avoid having any portion of your glassware touching. Especially with fragile items like crystal, they don’t take much force to shatter. As a bonus, look for adjustable storage dividers. This added versatility would allow you to store various-sized items without purchasing individual boxes.

Stack Carefully

When stacking your dishes, place the heaviest items at the bottom and lighter items on top. Ensure the dishes are evenly distributed throughout the storage box or bag to maintain balance. Avoid stacking too high, as this can increase the risk of breakage due to the increased weight on the lower dishes. Always leave some space between the dishes using dividers to prevent them from hitting each other.

If you have a large number of dishes to transport, we recommend investing in a large configurable box to allow you to store the majority of your items together. This will keep everything secure and easy to unpack in your new home. Our FlexGrid system is perfect as you can easily change the size and configuration of the dividers and trays within each box. This means you can store glassware, dinner plates, coffee mugs, and more all in one easy location.

Label Your Storage

To simplify packing and unpacking, remember to label each storage box with the contents of the box. This will eliminate the guesswork many have often experienced when moving and searching through cardboard boxes. We recommend using storage options with ID windows to simplify editing or changing the label.

Transport with Caution

You need extra caution When moving your storage boxes from one location to another. Even if you follow all the tips we’ve laid out, being carless during transport can leave you with a box full of broken glass. Treat your glassware like you treat eggs from a grocery store. Avoid packing them with heavy items that can crush them. Never place heavy items on top of them. Finally, never leave them in an area prone to excess movent or tipping. Place light items around them to keep the storage secure and upright so your glassware will be safe.


Dishes, glassware, and fine china are valuable and delicate items that require proper storage to keep them looking their best. Remember to store dishes and glassware in the correct size storage box, with each piece surrounded with plenty of padding, and to use reliable storage boxes to keep your dishes safe and organized. By following these tips, you can protect your valuable items from damage and ensure they last for generations.

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