A Guide to the Perfect Game Day Setup

February is near, which means the Big Game is so close we can hear the screaming crowds, taste the buffalo wings and burgers, and see our team proudly holding up the Vince Lombardi Trophy. If you’re like us, you’re planning for a crowd as big as the one at NRG Stadium and will spare no expense in ensuring the party is as thrilling as the halftime show. Lucky for you, we have some great ideas for bringing the excitement outside. Check out these tips on setting up an outdoor entertainment center that’s perfect for you and your guests.

Invest in a Quality TV

The most important thing in your life on February 5th will be the almighty television. Investing in a flat screen to mount outside will make for a unique viewing experience that will give back year-round.

Outdoor TV Covers

Agio Outdoor Furniture

Shop for Cozy Outdoor Furniture

While we know you’ll be jumping out of your seat for a majority of the day, it’s still worth it to be comfortable while watching the big game. Scrap the 10-year-old lawn chairs and go for a big sectional that’ll provide ample seating and ample coziness for you and your guests.

Warm Up With a Fire Pit

If you're expecting it to be chilly outside, you'll be happy for a source of heat. Having a fire pit for everyone to gather around will mean nobody's teeth are clenched for any reason other than sheer anxiety.

Round Fire Pit

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