Rectangular Fire Pit Cover

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Our Entry-Level Material
Cost-efficient while still durable, Covermates Classic covers are designed for climates with low to moderate humidity, sunlight and wind gusts, and moderate to high rain and snowfall. Lightweight and versatile, you can rely on Classic to protect your outdoor investments.

Quality Protection
Gathering around the firepit with family and friends is great until you find it filled with water and debris. Cleaning leaves, twigs, and other debris from your fire pit and chair is tedious and wastes valuable time. Covermates Fire Pit Covers will provide a convenient storage solution that will keep your fire pit set clean and protected while it's not in use. With water and debris no longer filling your pit, you can spend less time cleaning and more time with loved ones.

Details That Matter
Along with our water-resistant material, we use doubled stitched seams to promote strength and durability against the weather and removing the cover regularly. Installing the cover is made simple with an elastic hem that provides a flexible yet snug fit. An open mesh vent promotes airflow to prevent trapped moisture that leads to mold and mildew.
Don't settle for less when it comes to protecting the things you love. Covermates Elite Rectangular Fire Pit Covers are made from 300 denier polyester that is lightweight with super easy onoff. There are no straps or ties that need to be fastened. Instead, our fire pit covers come with a variety of features like an elastic bottom with adjustable drawcord and dual buckle straps in opposing corners to keep the cover snug and secure. Other features include built-in mesh vents to help circulate air and block mold and mildew, as well as double-stitched seams for added durability. All Covermates Elite fire pit covers come with a three-year manufacturer warranty so you can purchase with confidence.
Our Premium Material
Attractive without sacrificing durability, Covermates Prestige covers are designed for those who value style as much as protection. If you've spent hundreds or thousands of dollars on a patio furniture set, you need top-notch protection for it. The Prestige collection offers an elegant look throughout your backyard without compromising performance. Prestige covers are ideal for areas with heavy to extreme rain, snow, sun, humidity, and wind.

High-Performance Protection
Enjoying the company of family and friends on a chilly night around the fire pit is sure to be full of memories. That all comes to a halt if you come outside and the fire pit wasn't covered properly. It could be filled with water, snow, and debris; either way, you will end up having to clean it out or wait for it to dry. Covermates Fire Pit Covers serve as a reliable barrier between your fire pit and the elements. Gain peace of mind knowing your fire pit will always be ready for you and your loved ones.

Details That Matter
Covermates Fire Pit Covers provide the highest level of protection combined with functionality. To ensure your fire pit is protected on windy days, an auto-locking drawcord and four adjustable buckle straps can be easily tightened for a secure fit. A covered front and back mesh vent promotes airflow and helps prevent mold and mildew caused by built-up moisture.
Our Top–Rated Material
As our top–rated material, Covermates Ultima covers will survive through any weather condition. Ultima covers are designed to protect through moderate to high rain, sun, snow, and humidity, as well as extreme wind gusts. Constructed with heavy–duty material, you can rest assured Ultima will protect your outdoor investments.

All–Weather Protection
Relaxing on your patio in your rectangular firepit may just be one of your favorite things to do. If this is the case then you want to make sure your firepit is protected from the harsh outdoor elements. By investing in a Covermates Rectangular Firepit Cover you are ensuring your furniture stays clean and looking new! This will let you enjoy your outdoor time with no worries.

Details That Matter
Covermates Ultima Rectangular Firepit Covers are constructed from super durable 600D polyester. A covered mesh vent prevents mold and mildew buildup. Four corner buckle straps and a draw cord locking system provides extra protection during extreme weather conditions. The subtle ripstop grid pattern of the material offers exceptional tear strength, ensuring your furniture stays safe beneath. Rot resistant thread and double stitched seams with waterproof seam binding for extra durability.
How to Measure

How to Measure Your Rectangular Fire Pit

Before you order your cover, you will need to carefully measure the fire pit it is meant to cover. Our guide below will walk you through the steps to correctly and accurately measure your fire pit to ensure you get the best fit.

Measure the widest side of the fire pit from left to right.

*Start measurement at the table top or leg base, whichever is the widest point.
Measure side to side across top-center of the fire pit, adjacent from width.

*Start measurement at the table top or leg base, whichever is the deepest point.
Measure from the ground to the top of the fire pit.

*We recommend a cover 1-2 inches shorter than the furniture for breathability.
Please round up your dimensions to the nearest inch.
Collection Comparison

Compare Our Covermates Collections

We divide our covers into collections based on a variety of features and qualities. Let us help you find which material best matches your needs.

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