Vehicle Cover Installation and Removal

After you’ve received your car, truck, or SUV cover, be sure to follow these instructions to properly take it on and off. If you have a large vehicle, you may want to find a friend to help.
Before Installing Your Cover
If your car has recently been painted, you must allow the painted surface to completely cure before putting on your cover. Covering your vehicle before the paint has cured can damage your new paint job. Check with the painter or body shop for when it is safe to use your cover.

Clean the exterior to remove all dirt and dust. If your car has been uncovered for a long period of time, take it to a car wash to get detailed. Allow vehicle to dry completely.

Allow engine and exhaust pipes to cool.

Fold in side mirrors if your cover does not have mirror pockets.

Remove antennas. If you have a permanent antenna, follow the instructions below to install your vehicle antenna grommet. If you don’t have an antenna grommet or need a new one, you can order one here.
How To Install Your Antenna Grommet
1. Locate and mark where the antenna’s base will meet the cover.
2. Mark a circle around the base where you will cut the antenna hole.
3. Remove cover from your vehicle and cut a small hole (about one inch in diameter) where you’ve made your circle mark.
4. Center the antenna patch underneath the cover over the cut region for stability.
5. Place one end of the antenna grommet on either side of the cover. Snap the pieces together.
6. Continue to put on your cover following the instructions below, carefully feeding your antenna through the grommet.
How To Put On Your Vehicle Cover
1. Find the front of your cover. It should be marked with a label or some other indicator.
2. Place cover on the highest point of your vehicle with the outer layer facing upwards.
3. Begin unfolding the cover outward toward either end of the vehicle.
4. If your cover includes mirror pockets, place these over the side mirrors before stretching the ends of the cover over the front and rear bumpers.
5. Continue to unfold the cover while carefully wrapping the elastic hem around the front and rear bumpers.
6. If your cover includes tie-down loops, use a rope or bungee cord to attach the loops beneath your vehicle. This will help it stay on during high winds.
Take it slow as you fit the cover around sharp areas such as license plates and exhaust pipes to prevent tearing your cover.
Use cover clamps for extra cover security, especially if you are expecting extreme weather conditions.
Use a vehicle cover cable lock kit for security during high winds and to deter thieves.
How To Remove Your Vehicle Cover
For easy storage, fold your cover as you are taking it off of your car.
1. Begin removing the cover at either end of the vehicle, carefully pulling it outward while avoiding any sharp edges.
2. Allow the cover to lie across the surface of your vehicle from front to back. If your cover has any moisture on it, allow it to dry before folding.
3. Lift and fold each side of the cover (lengthwise, one at a time) inward toward the center axis of the cover. This should form a piece approximately two feet wide.
4. After both sides are folded in, start at the rear and roll the cover over the roof and onto the hood.
5. As you roll your cover up, continue pulling in the sides of the cover to create a more compact roll, similar to a sleeping bag.
6. Use a storage bag (included with Covermates vehicle covers) for your cover. Be sure the cover is completely dry before storage.
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