Wreath Storage Bag

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Easy Organization Solutions
Wreaths are a beautiful way to dress up any space for the holidays; however, storing expensive wreaths can be more frustrating than expected. Large plastic trash bags may keep dirt and bugs out, but wreath branches easily poke through and the plastic does not stand against other heavy item that smash your wreath’s flowers and branches, making it to never look the same again. Covermates Wreath Storage provides a dependable storage solution that keeps your wreath protected all year long.

Details That Matter
No need to worry about your wreath tearing through our durable polyester fabric or losing it’s circular shape. Buckle straps and an interior pouch hold your wreath neatly in place, while taking advantage of extra space for zip ties, lights, ribbons, or extra flowers. To prevent smashed flowers and branches that never regain their original shape and give you an extra touch of convenience, our wreath storage bag offers a strong D-ring that makes hanging your wreath, instead of storing it under heavy items as easy as hanging it on your door. Wreaths are known for their weight and size, so our wreath storage bag was also designed with a reinforced carrying handle that gives you the confidence to transport it without the fear of needing to call for help or a bag that breaks apart midway to your garage.

How to Measure

How to Measure Your Wreath

Before you order your storage bag, you will need to carefully measure the wreath it is meant to hold. Our guide below will walk you through the steps to correctly and accurately measure your wreath to get the best fit.

Measure side to side across the front of your wreath.

*Be sure to measure across the widest point.
Measure from the front to the back.

*Include any decorations that will stay on the wreath during storage.
Please round up your dimensions to the nearest inch.

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