Custom Car Covers

While more expensive, a custom vehicle cover is well worth it if you have an expensive or vintage vehicle. Whether you are looking for long-term or short-term storage, a custom car cover offers protection like no other.
Custom Covers vs. Universal Covers
As vehicle maintenance grows more expensive, more and more people are beginning to invest in vehicle covers. This means that there are more car cover options out there than ever before. One of the first decisions you’ll need to make is whether to go with a custom cover or a universal fit.

A universal, or contour-fit, vehicle cover will fit standard sized vehicles. These covers often perform just as well as custom covers, without the expense. However, contour-fit covers will not have as close of a fit as a custom cover. If you are looking for the best protection and the nicest looking cover for your vehicle, custom is the way to go, especially if you are a collector.
Benefits of Custom Vehicle Covers
Custom car covers are tailored to your car’s specifications, including mirror pockets, antennas, and other accessories. These covers also are typically available in fabrics designed for specific situations. If you’re looking for long-term outdoor storage, there’s a custom cover for that. Short-term indoor storage? There’s a custom cover waiting for you.

Due to their close fit, custom covers will decrease the risk of the cover shifting or rubbing against your paint in windy weather. If there’s dirt or dust beneath the cover, lots of shifting can actually scratch your paint job — exactly what the cover was meant to protect from.
What Coverstore Offers
We offer custom car, truck, and SUV covers from Covercraft, one of the largest makers of custom vehicle covers. Covercraft has patterns for over 80,000 vehicles, and has been archiving auto industry data from around the world since 1965.

When we were looking for a company to supply custom car covers to our customers, Covercraft was on the top of the list. During our research phase, we toured Covercraft’s facilities to observe the nuances of their production line and delivery operations.

After returning from our visit, we ordered and tested several of their custom car covers against their competitors, and also read thousand of reviews to measure customer satisfaction.
Why Covercraft
Covercraft is well-known as an industry leader in the custom vehicle cover market. As mentioned, they house over 80,000 vehicle patterns in an extensive database. Have special acessories on your vehicle? Covercraft provides options for vehicles with roll bars, grille guards, hood scoops, rear wings, camper shells, and more.

Each of Covercraft’s materials has been specially engineered to perform in specific conditions, both indoors and out. Features include high water resistance, superior UV-blocking capabilities, multi-layer construction, and more.

We carry six of Covercraft’s materials: Form-Fit, Reflec’tect, Ultra’tect, Sunbrella, WeatherShield HP, and WeatherShield HD.

Learn more about Covercraft’s custom vehicle covers.
Covercraft Custom Covers
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