5 Quick Steps to Winterize Your Grill

Winter is fast-approaching which sadly means grilling season is coming to an end. The days of sitting on the patio with burgers simmering nearby may be over soon, but there’s still time to prepare your grill for the harsh weather ahead.

We’ve created a simple list to ensure that your beloved source for all-things barbecue will be saved from the cracks, rust and pests that winter has to offer. Don’t wait until the first snow to hopelessly cover your grill with a tarp. Follow these easy steps now and you’ll be sure to have perfect ribs by the time spring rolls around.

Clean the Grill Thoroughly

You may be used to just going over your grates a few times with a brush, but preparing your grill for winter requires a much more thorough cleaning. If you’re serious about grilling (and we know you are), make sure to give your equipment the attention it deserves.

  1. Use a rag and hot, soapy water or Grill Cleaner & Degreaser to clean the outside of the grill including the burner knobs, handle, hood cover, and propane tank.
  2. Open the grill and clean the underside of the hood. This may require more effort, since you'll likely find a large build-up of carbon, which looks like thin, black paint.
  3. Make sure to get down around the burners and remove any food, grease or dirt. Any food particles left in the grill creates an invitation to rodents looking for food and shelter for the winter.

Coat Inside of the Grill with Oil

Rust is your greatest enemy when the weather turns drizzly. Coating the inner components of your grill with cooking oil will maintain the integrity of the parts by deterring moisture.

Turn Gas Source Off

Make sure you disconnect or turn off the fuel source for your grill before storing it for the winter.

For grills connected to a natural gas line, be sure to turn off the valve.

If your grill uses a propane tank and you will be keeping your grill outside, simply turn the valve to the "Off" position. However, if you choose to store your grill in a shed or garage for the winter, you need to disconnect the propane tank. Never store your propane tank inside your home, shed, or garage as even the smallest leak could result in disaster.

Identify and Repair Any Existing Problems

Damage to the grill such as cracks, leaks, or excessive wear can all be worsened by the harsh weather. Fixing these issues now is the best way to protect your grill from the cold and moisture while also ensuring a longer lifespan.

  • Inspect all surfaces for cracks and rust and determine whether they need replacing.
  • Make sure all hoses are without aging and holes

If something on your grill needs replacing or fixing, a nearby hardware store will most likely have the supplies you need for the repairs.

Use an Outdoor Cover

Finally, we highly recommend purchasing a cover for your grill to provide optimal winter protection. Covering your grill with high-quality, moisture-resistant material is the best way to shield it from the elements and safeguard it from the critters looking for shelter.

We offer grill covers in three different materials — Classic, Elite, and Ultima. Each of these materials offer different features and benefits, so be sure to read our product descriptions so you can choose the proper cover.

For more information on our material collections, view our Comparison Chart.

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